Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Two weeks until ArtFest

I leave for Seattle and then Port Townsend, WA two weeks from tomorrow. So many things to do. Trades to pack and headers for those, supplies to gather up and maybe purchase for classes, decorate my suitcases, figure out clothes for that climate. UGH!!!

Bought another camera today. Dropped my second camera in Venice, Italy last year and it is cheaper to buy a new one. Cheaper? did they say? HMMM.

I am decorating tote bags to sell at Art Unraveled in August. My son, Todd, is doing the screen printing for me. They will be neat. I thought this was a little early to start, but he assured me that it wasn't. Bought the fabric today for him to screen print. They will have enlargements of some of my stamps I sell with fabric collage and maybe added fibers, charms, beads, etc.

Am thinking about going to Art and Soul in Portland in October. I WANT to back to Paris and Italy, but maybe Art and Soul will be cheaper. Inviting a friend to go with me.

FINALLY bought the correct paper for my color printer - I HOPE!!! Lots of things to print and not having the printer going inhibits my art work.

ON MARTHA STEWART: I watched about 10 minutes of her the other day (about all I can stand - my apologies to MS die-hard fans). Then I took my shower and was thinking:
1. I am showering with imported French water piped into my shower through my imported
hand crafted water tank.
2. My shampoo comes directly to me from the Italian manufacturer who is a dear friend
who packages sit for me in hand-blown Morona glass bottles. The perfune he uses comes
from Sienna, Italy.
3. Shaved underarms and legs with German razors filled with Swiss blades especially designed
for my sensitive skin. I wouldn't use ANY other kind.
4. Dried off with my 1,000 count Irish cotton towels.

Well, that wasn't me, but I sure could hear Martha saying that. Hope this made you laugh.

Once I get my blog reorganized by my friend Heather Bluhm and a new header I will post more often. I am just not happy with this particular layout.

Later, dear friends.