Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Has it been that long...

since I posted to my Blog. I was afraid I would do that. I just posted a scan of a lot of pieces of items that came out of an old Kodak Instamatic Camera that I bought at an estate sale. There are a few more than I didn't scan. I plan to use them on 3-D altered canvasses and shrines in old wood boxes. I also took apart an old portable typewriter for a friend. We cut off the keys and then I took my "tool box" (Tim the Toolman Taylor look out...errrgg), and took it all apart except for the case which will need my dremel when I can get outside due to the small metal shavings that will come off. Fun. Look at garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores and have FUN dismantling, or as one of my grandsons says, "getting destructive."

Tomorow, more estate sales with a friend (the one with the typewriter). Still haven't had a chance to see "Vantage Point," but I am very anxious to see it.

I started working out on the treadmill at the Y today for a period of time before my water aerobics class. Did a half an hour at 3 miles per hour speed. Not bad for my first time. Had to wear my knee brace, but it was okay. No pain. Yee Haw Later, y'all.


Suzanne Broughton said...

You are very talented!

Mosaic*Queen said...

Hello Jo!!
So nice to meet you!!
I have never been to Art Unraveled....can you believe that? I've inquired about teaching a class next year. We'll see. I am going to Art and Soul in Portland in October. This will be my first show of this type. Lisa Kaus of Lisa Kaus Art talked me into it. She said that I would meet a lot of creative types and that is pretty exciting. I usually hang out in my studio most days working, working, working or GARDENING!!! I LOVE that you are also a gardener! We'll have to share our gardening successes with each other.
Again, so nice to meet you Jo! Stop by my blog and leave comments every now and again and that will remind me to come and see what you're up to.
Hugs to you and have a GREAT weekend!