Friday, February 15, 2008

Off today with a friend to "The Women's Fair." Lots of fun booths with jewelry, food, clothes, etc. If I find anything new and exciting to use for art, I'll let you know. Then maybe to a few
junk or thrift stores to look for "findings."

Before that, however, I am picking up four grandkids at school and taking them to a skating party. I used to skate, but NO MORE. Sure miss it though.

I uploaded some more art work using snapshots out of a photo album I bought at an estate sale. There were over a hundred snapsshots and are so much fun to use. Think ATCs, collages, etc. Scan, enlarge, print (maybe some on transparencies) and then do hand coloring or add papers for clothes, hats, etc. I taught a class in my home a couple of weeks ago using these and the women loved them. Check out those estate sales. Never know what you might find.

Talk to you all soon. Be sure to post a reply to let me know you are reading my blog. Tell your friends and be sure to check out my website with my stamps. Later. Jo

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