Friday, February 29, 2008

Estate Sales - I LOVE them

Went to four estate sales yesterday with a friend. Great finds. I always get good stuff because the things I want seem to be the things that no one else wants. Most people think am crazy. One sale was from a man who had been a professional photographer. Just bits and pieces of things. Of course, we went to Tuesday Morning. Then to a camera shop where they gave us 15, yes, fifteen, used camera that didn't work and couldn't be fixed. We have had so much taking them apart. Now I need to use these quirky pieces.

Did 30 minutes on the treadmill at the "Y" and then 45 minutes of water aerobics. Then we saw "Vantage Point." We got in a little bit late - I HATE missing the previews, but it is a movie that I will buy. It moves awfully quick and the chase scene could almost make you car sick. But lots of twists and turns which I love in a movie. I recommend it.

I have 16 plus new stamps almost ready to have the matrixes made. They will be nice I think. I have had a vew friends preview them. I'll let you know when they are on the website. Later.


Funky Art Queen said...

Oh estate sells, I envy you. I want to go! I find things that others find weird too.

Funky Art Queen said...

So what are you up to girl? Looking forward to your next blog post.